Fend off nasty trolls and play around with thousands of free server templates with magnobot.

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Secure yourself against those nasty trolls
We from PPNews created Magnobot to keep out those trolls from trying to infect your servers with too much nonsense, it has alt detection and can (with 95% certainty) predict what these people are up to from analyzing their previous chats!
Fun Commands for greentext!
Ever wanted to feel like joining a real 4chan greentext conversation without actually needing to go into these hellholes? Well then you're right with Magnobot!
Free Server Templates!
Lets be honest - nobody likes starting out on a blank canvas right -.-
Sync Bans between Magno Operating servers for more safety!
If your Network includes more than one server this is the perfect way to do it!

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Server Templates and much more
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